Rarely do you attend an event that connects the inner and the outer world so confidently, energetically and in a way that makes some sense. That’s what awaits participants in Alter Ego – an intense but highly enlightening experience.
— Anthony Painter - Head of Policy and Strategy, RSA

We believe that If we are to devise a truly transformative vision and convince others to join us, those of us seeking a radically different progressive future need to develop new ways of thinking, speaking and being. Politics as usual, and the types of people traditionally involved in politics, will not be enough to see us through.

To this end, we are bringing together a network of visionaries, influencers and activists from diverse areas of expertise to build the foundations for a transformative political movement.

Connect with leaders who are pioneering a new culture and politics, including Paul Hilder (Co-Founder, CrowdPac); Heather Grabbe (Director, European Policy Institute, Open Society Foundation); Alexi Neuvon (Founder, Demos Helsinki); Sally Davies (Senior Editor, Aeon Magazine); and many more.