We are bringing together a network of visionaries, influencers and activists from diverse areas of expertise who are pioneering new forms of psychological development and cultural engagement in order to bring about political transformation.  

We have no upcoming gathering planned, but applications are rolling so please apply if you're interested. 

Before you apply, make sure you:

  • Can make a financial contribution to cover our expenses, either £120-150 depending on your income
  • Are able to bring a tent and up for camping*
  • Are up for open minded conversations with people across the political spectrum 
  • Are open to inner work 
  • Are up for contributing time and energy. This is a co-created event!

*We don't want camping to be a barrier to entry for anyone, particularly on grounds of disability. If you cannot camp for any reason, please make a request for alternative accommodation in the additional requirements section. We have a limited number of indoor accomodation options on site and a list of local BnBs. 


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