I’m Ronan Harrington and I’m seeking expressions of interests in co-leading Alter Ego with me.

Note: I’m seeking expressions of interest rather than formal applications, as the position itself is dependent on funding decisions that are not yet confirmed, but I want to be ready to move with you as and when they do.

Role: Co-Director of Alter Ego. Head of Operations.

Main responsibilities:

Pay: £30,000 pro rata 2.5 days a week, subject to funding. Until then, all contributors will be paid London living wage £10 p/h, working on a per hour basis. You will need to invoice as a self employed worker.

Time: 2.5 days a week. This does not have to be done at specific hours or within the same time period. I’m happy to work around existing work commitments.

Location: Remote working and from our co-working space, 42 Acres in Shoreditch, London It is preferred that you live in London so we can work closely together, but open to amazing people live elsewhere. 

Expressions of interest: Please take a look at the material linked to this posting, and then send your CV with a cover letter (max two pages) explaining how you meet the personal specification below. Email this to by 30th June. I’ll then get back to you on a time we can meet.

About Alter Ego

Alter Ego is a European network of cultural and political thinkers and doers advancing a deeper vision of progress. We emphasise the importance of spiritual, psychological and cultural development as ways for societies to meet the challenges of our time.

We organise gatherings that bring together influential change makers to explore these ideas, and have recently launched a media channel that profiles the ideas in our network to the wider public.

Note: this isn’t a classically left wing project, nor is it exclusively political. We believe the answers we need require a depth that goes beyond formal politics into the territory of personal and cultural change, and a complexity that goes beyond tribal divisions and and conventional left right ideologies. We are influenced by Metamodernism and are attempting to be integral in our thinking. You don’t have to know about these yet, although a prerequisite for the role is to be broadly aligned with our thinking. You’ll know if your heart beats faster when reading through our manifesto.

About the role

Alter Ego has been operational for 2 years, organising two large gatherings, building an informal European network and launching a media channel during this time.

To date, it has been led by me, Ronan Harrington, with support from a variety of talented people on a project by project basis. It’s challenging to lead Alter Ego on my own and draining to take on tasks I’m not particularly suited to.

 I’m therefore seeking a co-director to lead Alter Ego with me, sharing in the joys and burdens of an exciting startup, while taking responsibility for the parts of the project that are more suited to their strengths, leaving me to do what I’m good at and enjoy.

This is an exciting role because a lot of the groundwork has been done. We’ve prototyped successful models for gatherings and media content, completed a lot of the basic company admin, have built a strong brand, an influential network, and are now in a place where we are an attractive proposition to funders. This is a great opportunity for someone for wants to take these raw ingredients and build something powerful.

 About you (fingers crossed)

 You have a natural interest and talent for project management, event and media production and company administration. You are practically minded and enjoy coordinating and delivering multiple projects. Spreadsheets are your thing.

You have proven leadership experience, are looking for visionary project and are hungry to do good work.

You have experience in both the media and events space, having an eye for producing creative gatherings and media content. Note: you don’t have to have technical experience in filming and editing, although that would be an amazing plus.

You have a capacity for big picture strategic thinking, some knowledge of the political social change space, and show a capacity for integral thinking, so we are aligned and can make decisions together.

 You are a freelancer who has a variety of portfolio work and is not solely dependent on Alter Ego for income. You’re relieved that it’s a part time role and gives you space for other projects and passions.

You are committed to your own personal development, and are able to consciously explore interpersonal dynamics as they arise in the joint running of an organisation.

You are good fun to work with and bring a new source of energy to the project. You’re going to be there when the chips are down, and remind me not to take myself too seriously.

Personal specification

Feel free to fill in the box and send along with your cover letter and CV if that’s the easiest way to demonstrate that you have the experience.


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