We are connecting a global network of visionaries, influencers and activists who are pioneering new thinking aimed at political transformation. A list of confirmed attendees is below, including leaders of radical think tanks, members of parliament, award winning activists, journalists, writers, philanthropists, artists, business leaders and academics.

Dennis Kucinich - Former Mayor of Cleveland, US Representative for State of Ohio, Candidate for Democratic Nomination for President of the United States 2004, 2008

Ronan Harrington - Founder, Alter Ego

Elizabeth Kucinich - Documentary Maker, Activist

Heather Grabbe - Director, European Policy Institute, Open Society Foundation

Meg Rutghialo - Associate Director, Burning Man Regional Network

Marianne Victor - Lead, International Steering Group, Danish Alternativet Political Party

Kathrine Lauritzen - Former Chair, Copenhagen Constituency; Member, International Strategy Group, Danish Alternativet Political Party

Sally Bergh Palmvig - Parliamentary Candidate, Danish Alternativet Political Party

Lena Morozova - Director, Europa Nova

Simon Hampel - Managing Director, Leader's Quest

Paul Hilder - Founder, Crowd Pac

Elizabeth Oldfield - Director, Theos

Iris Andrews, Senior Partner, Purpose

Megs Rutghialo Associate Director, Burning Man Regional Network

Alnoor Ladha - Co-Founder, The Rules

Jon Cruddas - MP, Labour Party

Sally Davies - Senior Editor, Aeon Magazine

Tomas Björkman - Philanthropist; Founder, Perspectiva

Sarah Stein Lubrano - Head of Content, The School of Life

Indra Adnan - Co-Initiator, UK Alternative Political Platform

Emil Ejner Friis - Founder, Metamoderna

Daniel Görtz - Founder, Metamoderna

Jamie Bristow - Founder, Mindfulness Initiative

Indy Johar - Founder, Dark Matter Labs

Jonathan Rowson - Founder, Perspectiva Institute

Hugi Ásgeirsson - Former Campaign Manager, Icelandic Pirate Party

Max Harris - Fellow, All Souls Oxford University

Alexander Bard - Cyber Philosopher; Founder, Syntheism Movement

Kyle Reeves -  Founder Alcadamia  

Jason Hickle - Professor of Anthropology, London School of Economics 

Alexa Clay - USA Director, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce 

Hanno Burmester - Policy Fellow, Das Progressive Zentrum Think Tank

Aleksi Neuvonen - Founder, Demos Helsinki

Tuuli Kaskinen - Director, Demos Helsinki

Jonathan Teo - Founder, Binary Capital

Rurai McKiernan - Member, Irish Council of State

Ivan Juric - Advisor, Guerrilla Foundation 

Joanna Briedenbach - Founder, Better Place

Juliane Mueller, Co-Founder, Urban Community Experiment

Alvin Carpio - Founder, Fourth Group (Politics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution)

David Fuller - Foreign Affairs Journalist, Documentary Marker

Romy Krämer - Director, Guerrilla Foundation

Nick Jankel - Founder, Switch On Worldwide

Isadora Wronski - International Project Leader at Greenpeace Nordic

Rosie Prescott - Head of YMCA UK

Pat Kane Co-Initiator, UK Alternative; Musician, Writer, Activist

Jo Hunter - Founder, 64 Million Artists

Frances Foley - Associate, Compass; Progressive Alliance

Jonathan Teo - Founder, Binary Capital

Sara Zaltash - Performance Artist

Safia Iman - Public Health Regulator, Founder, Global Conscious Movement International Consultancy

Matthew Davies - Parliamentary Researcher

Rita Issa - NHS Doctor, Activist

Peter Barden - Initiator, 38 Degrees Live

Jamie Kelsey - Editor, New Internationalist

Daniel Fraga - Initiator, Post Architecture Movement

Dannii Evans - Director, Theama

Stephen Reid - Founder, Huddl; UK Psychedelic Society

Elizabeth Slade - Former COO, Sunday Assembly

Anthea Lawson - Former Director of Campaigns, Global Witness

Leonardo Quatrucci - Special Advisor, EU Presidents Office

Alvin Carpio - Founder, Fourth Group

Alexander Beiner - Lead Organiser, Breaking Convention

Rafia Morgan - Founder, Path Retreats

Anton Chernikov - Founder, Village 3.0

Rosie Prescott - Chief Executive, YMCA UK

Michael Wernstedt - Co-founder, Swedish Alternative Party; Executive Director at Raoul Wallenberg Academy

Sarah Vero -  Former Head of London Living Wage Campaign; Co-Founder Sanga Sanga

Gaia Harvey-Jackson - Ritual Leader, Workshop Facilitator, Performance Artist; Co-Founder Sanga Sanga

Michael Matania - Co-Founder The Present Moment Project, Urban Community Experiment

Nick Duffell - Author, Wounded Leaders; Founder, Boarding School Survivors Movement