The purpose of the weekend is bring together a highly diverse group of thinkers, influencers, and activists to explore and build the foundations of a transformative political movement. Over the three days, we hope to:

1)     help those in the room build a shared sense of understanding, connection, and purpose.

We’re building a network, and want people to feel supported by one another and able to work together and collaborate not only over this weekend but hopefully moving forward too.

2)     present a persuasive case for a new politics—putting forward some hypothesis to get us started.

We don’t know all the answers, but we feel called to some broad responses and would like to see how this group can build on them.  We feel we have a nascent sense of what these foundations are, what we call the source code for a new politics—best summarized as a politics of greater depth and complexity, where we are pursuing a vision of progress that meets our social, emotional and psycho-spiritual needs and encourages human development to meet the challenges of our time. The intention is to use these ideas as a springboard for inquiry, as we together explore the big questions needed to identify the problems of the current political landscape and how we move forward from here.

3)     Begin to build a shared sense of what this new politics will look like.

We want to build the foundations of a new political movement that links personal transformation, cultural transformation, and political transformation. This requires a new type of integrated political leadership that embraces a much wider understanding of human experience. So a major part of our inquiry is how we embody this individually and collectively in order to lead this change.

The weekend will provide an opportunity to build relationships, explore ideas, have shared experiences, and harness the individual and collective wisdom of the group. This is a special constellation of people and we’re very excited and hopeful about what we may be able to accomplish together.


On the first day, we’ll learn about the impetus for the gathering, develop a collective sense of who else is attending, and how we want to communicate and work together throughout the weekend.

On the second day, we’ll consider the need for individual growth and cultural change that will in turn shape and support a new kind of politics. We’ll then inquire into the psychological and spiritual obstacles to this political progress through exercises, exploration, and discussion. We’ll uncover where we might ourselves be prone to unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving, and practice new ways of engaging with ideas and with other people that can help us in future political work. Finally, we’ll reflect on how what we’ve learned about ourselves might inform our vision of a better society and political discourse.

On the third day, we’ll begin to integrate our learnings from the previous two days into new ideas and projects, and build both an individual and collective understanding of how we might work more wisely and powerfully in the year ahead.