We are gathering leaders who are pioneering a new politics.

This is new territory and we’re building a collective picture of it together. 

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We believe that we have come to a major political impasse, where those on both right and left find themselves unable to productively communicate with adversaries, allies, or voters. Many have instead increasingly resorted to a politics of fear and anger, one that appeals to our short-term impulses and self righteousness but offers no long-term approach to political life in a complex world.  

Far right politicians and authoritarian rulers are capitalising on this moment of uncertainty. But we believe that there are better ways to address our fundamental needs for security and belonging, and would like to see these types of emotional needs addressed from a truly progressive perspective, acknowledging our fears but ultimately moving beyond them to include other needs like purpose and transcendence.

In this strand, we will explore how we might address these needs and desires in political discourse, activism, and outreach in order to disrupt the fear and apathy that dominates politics and begin to build new collective priorities.  


We are especially interested in:

  • ways of disarming reactive, angry, fearful forces in politics
  • new ways of communicating and new political language
  • the potential of vulnerability in public life and leadership
  • ways of transcending our divisive political culture.


We like how The Danish Alternative disarms their political adversaries, how the Swedish MP, Johanna Jönsson, models vulnerability and admire how Russell Brand speaks with conviction about his uncertainty.  from the heart about the social, psychological, and spiritual components of addiction.

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