We believe a deeper understanding of human experience and potential can outcompete appeals from the far right and inspire a more transformational political agenda.

This is new territory and we’re building a collective picture of it together. For this we need to gather the people and organisations who are pioneering these ideas.

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To develop a genuinely new form of politics, we need to build not only a politics but a wider culture and society that addresses our psychological, spiritual, and emotional needs and encourages us to grow in these areas. If we don’t, politics will continue to be haunted by immature forms of thinking and behaving that no longer serve us.

In this strand, we will explore the way that individuals and groups can increase their capacity for psychological and spiritual depth and intellectual complexity, and what it looks like as an overarching vision of progress.  


We are especially interested in:

  • theories that focus on the importance of emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth in politics and society
  • practical changes in areas like media, education, civil society, healthcare, or economic policy that might orient us towards a deliberately developmental society, from media that promote greater compassion and reflexivity, to policies that make us time-rich without making us poor
  • forms of infrastructure (whether digital, physical, social or otherwise) that influence how we see ourselves and relate to others--and how these forms of infrastructure can be reimagined
  • the role of participatory culture in helping us assume post consumer values and virtues
  • the role leaders take in building and demonstrating this type of new politics and
  • how to make personal growth accessible and appealing in society at large


We are inspired by Metamoderna’s vision in ‘The Listening Society’, wish to see more widespread and accessible forms of participatory culture (inspired by a new breed of co-created festivals), and are following a new movement of secular-sacred organisations that are helping non religiously affiliated millennials meet their spiritual needs.

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