At our next gathering, we'll explore of human experience and potential can outcompete appeals from the far right and inspire a more transformational political agenda.

This is new territory and we’re building a collective picture of it together. For this we need to gather the people and organisations who are pioneering these ideas.




The reach of our imagination makes a huge difference in politics, framing the debate and determining what we will tolerate and what we will pursue. We believe there’s currently an imagination deficit in politics and that in order to choose our next move we first need a wider and more varied collective political imagination. It’s crucial to reconsider the fundamental experiences, structures, and assumptions that underlie much of our political thinking.

We also believe that in order to build a new sense of what is possible it is first necessary to revisit the fundamentals of individual experience- the primacy of love, the inevitability of death, and the vulnerability of being a human. These formative experiences are valuable to us as political agents because they disrupt the conventional narrative we have of our “selves”, as limited individual egos, and inspire us to change and identify with wider humanity.


In this strand we seek to explore how we can revisit our wider theoretical assumptions about ourselves and about politics in order to identify new ideas, visions, and strategies that have the potential to reshape and renew politics and capture the collective imagination of future generations.


We are especially interested in works that focus on:

  • new political and societal aims, e.g. new goals beyond economic growth
  • new conceptions of belonging and other ways of thinking that transcend individualism, tribalism and nationalism
  • the role of deep experience in renewing personal and collective priorities
  • the role of narrative, framing and cultural memes in shifting political priorities
  • practices and rituals that cultivate collective renewal and imagination
  • new visionary leaders we need to be aware of, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds


We like how the next era project makes a vision beyond our current society credible for policy makers and how Sweden’s new economic indicators translate common sense about sustainability and well being into a practical policy tool.